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急速赛车彩票官网:Prudential's Prosperous Blue Chips: Ten Yearly Earnings 14.51%

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内容摘要: The blue-chip market in 2017 made value investing deeply rooted in people's minds, and the “story telling” theme stocks were not mainstream...

The blue-chip market in 2017 made value investing deeply rooted in people's minds, and the “story telling” theme stocks were not mainstream. The pursuit of value should be the basic core of all investment, and strict adherence to the value of the bottom line to make their own style, this is the essence of investment.

Regardless of the style, it is more important for stable and continuous earning of benefits for holders of inclusive financial products such as public funds. However, in the 20 years since the public fund was raised, such products have been rare. However, we have still selected some outstanding players through such harsh indicators as performance, asset allocation, pull-back rate, and turnover. CITIC Prudential Under the fund company 's partial stock hybrid fund , the Prudential Spirit Bluechip is one of them.

The fund was established in June 2008. Its investment target is also very clear. It is the value of blue chip + industry leader. The current fund manager Wu Yi has 10 years of experience in securities and fund industry, and the investment style is stable and balanced.

First look at performance. Since its establishment, the net value of Xincheng Blueprint has increased by 280.24%, which has outperformed the index of in the same period by 273% in the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index. The past five years, the past two years, and the past three years have all been Galaxy "five-star" funds. As a whole, since the establishment of Xincheng Blueprint, it has been operating for nearly 10 years. After the bull and bear market, the annualized yield is still as high as 14.51%.

Look at the asset configuration again. The stock held by more than 90% of Prudential's Blueprint is the industry leader, emphasizing building a safety margin with performance certainty and valuation.

There is also a pullback rate. For the majority of investors, a low retracement means less loss. Wu Hao did a strict control of the risk, and the retracement was far below the average level.

According to the data, the largest drawdown rate of Prudential's Blueprint in 2017 was 6.61%, the largest repurchase rate of the mixed stock in the same category was 10.33%, the Shanghai Composite Index was 7.18%, and the China Securities 500 Index was 13.87%. Since 2018, Prudential's blue chip strategy has remained stable, with the current maximum retreat rate of 9.6% and similar products of 12.04%. The Shanghai Composite Index and China Securities 500 have recorded 12.07% and 13.83% respectively.

Wu Hao has a long holding period and a low turnover rate. He has a higher degree of tolerance for portfolio fluctuations. In the absence of changes in the fundamentals, he would not easily adjust positions. Moreover, positions are relatively decentralized and balanced. This is rare and very valuable among public funds that have a very high turnover rate.

Overall, Prudential's blue-chip investment management has always placed risk control at the forefront, actively controlled the retracement, and actively laid out industry leaders with domestic and international competitiveness and global scarcity, and selected stocks. Therefore, long-distance running results lead investors for long-term investment.





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